What Is Autism

AS is a developmental difference or disorder in the neurological area of the brain. It is present from childhood and life- long. It is shown in a different social/emotional development, and also in perception and the way the brain works.

People with AS do not interact or relate to other people in the accepted way and prefer to interact with objects, systems, processes, mechanics, nature. There are significant difficulties with social interaction and communication using language and/or non verbal signals such as looks, expressions, gestures, tone of voice.

Theory of mind deficit means that there is lack of awareness of what others might be thinking or feeling. This can lead to 'not fitting in' in the social environment resulting in social exclusion and difficulty in forming friendships or relationships.

There can be hyper sensitivity to sensory environment such as sound, light, temperature. Social anxiety can lead to avoidance of social contact. A need for security can result in rigid routines; attention to detail can occur with a lack of ability to see the wider reality. But these limitations can also give great capacity and tenacity leading to new insight and knowledge.

ASC can occur with other conditions such as ADHD, Learning Disability, Mental Health Problems, and individuals can have high IQs but still be affected.

Most adults with ASC are unemployed, even those who have reached university level, and remain subject to isolation and disadvantage in the community.