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ASAP in HAD - Newsletter and Update : May 2020

Hello Everyone,

We are now in the middle of the Covid 19 Pandemic Lockdown and coping with very strange circumstances. The problems which we are facing are those of managing to continue our lives when we are forced to stay at home for most of the time and access to what we need is limited.

The basic necessities of food and supplies can still be purchased if we are able to get to shops which are open. But most shops are closed.

Some people have to stay isolated with their food and supplies being brought to them by volunteers.

But all of us are feeling the strain of not being able to go out and about freely, to see our relatives and friends and to take part in our normal routines and activities.

Isolation and boredom are the main problems.

Fortunately we can use social media to watch things or listen to things and also to speak to friends.

As people are getting used to this situation there is more use of ICT to have remote meetings and members have suggested this to be used for the ASAP Group.

Zoom Meeting for ASAP.

Consequently it is planned to begin ASAP group meetings online using ‘Zoom’ on Thursday 14th May at 3pm when Elizabeth and Umesh will be ready to chair the meetings with all those who want to join using their internet access and phones, tablets or laptops.

Please let Umesh/ Elizabeth know that you want to join in and be sent the emailed Link to join the meeting.

Need any Help?

HAD/ASAP has tried to keep in contact with all those who need to speak to someone at this time, so if you are feeling lonely and isolated please let Umesh or Elizabeth know and you will be contacted.

If you continue to have any problems with getting medications, shopping or supplies also please let us know so that we can refer you to sources of support.

New AMOS Service Manager – introducing Joe Clarke

The new AMOS service – which stands for Autism Mentoring and Outreach Support- will begin as soon as this Lockdown is properly lifted.

A new Manager for the service has been appointed named Joe Clarke.

He wants to meet the ASAP group members and would have attended a group meeting to do so but instead will be part of a further Zoom meeting to be held this month if the first one goes well.

The proposed date for the second ASAP Group Zoom meeting will be 21st May at 3pm. Further information will be communicated about ongoing meetings in line with the Covid 19 Lockdown regulations which are monitored by HAD.

Carers Meeting on line?

If Carers would want a Zoom meeting arranged to talk about issues affecting them please contact Elizabeth or Umesh.

Good News

This won’t last forever and we will all get back to normal some time soon.

Enjoy it while you can!

Take Care, Look after yourselves, Elizabeth.