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ASAP in HAD - Newsletter and Update : January 2021

Hello Everyone,

We are now in the second year of coping with the Covid Pandemic which has made a big difficulty in all our lives. Unfortunately just before Xmas we became subject to more severe restrictions and penalties for breaking them leading us back into Lockdown virtually. While the current rate of infection and deaths reported keeps rising there will be no change. However we do have the hope of being vaccinated and this leading back to normal life eventually. So keep putting up with it until we get through it.

Our group members have found various ways to help themselves - exercise, getting on with some work at home, using an interest or activity to cope with the isolation. We also got started with ASAP Group ZOOM meetings online back in May and these do break the isolation with the chance of free chat among friends. We are also on the end of a phone line - during working hours if needed.

It will not last forever!

We have had to suspend our Group Outings for the duration of the Covid restrictions, but plan to resume them afterwards. A new project named AMOS for individual mentoring by volunteers was started in February 2020 but moved to online sessions during Covid. Unfortunately there has also been a change of management but it should continue and grow in this New Year.